Helpful Hints: Vermont Evergreens at Young Farms

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Helpful Hints and Instructions

At Vermont Evergreens, we provide you with helpful hints, instructions, and answers to your questions about the care of your Christmas tree and balsam wreath to help your traditional Christmas items to last through the entire Christmas holiday season.

Wreath and decoration care instructions:

When you receive one of our wreaths, we hope you enjoy opening the carefully packed box and getting that first fragrant smell of a Vermont Christmas. Each box has been hand packed just for you and though you may find some needles have come off in transit, it should be minimal and is to be expected. Don't worry, collect the needles and use them to scent a drawer. Our greens are very fresh and cut from dormant trees which assures you that these needles are on as securely as God intended them to be.

Wreath CarePlease open our box immediately and mist your wreath with water. It will also be helpful to mist your wreath several times throughout the holiday season to prolong your enjoyment. It is better not to hang your wreath in direct sunlight or over a heat source. Although we strive to have your wreath arrive in good condition for hanging, your bow may need a fluffing in order to look its best.

Real Balsam Christmas Tree FAQ's:

There are 25-30 million real Christmas trees are sold each year. These trees are grown on tree farms as a crop much like corn or wheat, they are not taken from the woods. There are around 500,000 acres of trees growing in North America and each spring, up to three seedlings are planted to replace those taken during the Christmas tree season as a renewable resource. It takes about seven years to grow a tree to maturity.

While it is natural for trees to lose some needles, if the tree you are looking at has needles that fall off easily when touched or when bounced on the ground, it is too dry and don't buy.

If possible, make a fresh cut 1/2 inch from the bottom of the tree you buy to open the pores to take in more water.

KidsDo not add bleach, fertilizer, sugar, aspirin or a prepared additive to the water. Research has shown that plain water is the best. Additives can be detrimental to the tree's ability to hold needles.

Keeping the water stand full will help your tree to last longer.

Choose a stand that holds at least a gallon of water. A Christmas tree can "drink" this much water in a day, so check your water level frequently. And choose a stand that is substantial to prevent the tree from falling over.

Fresh trees are difficult to ignite, so keep yours watered and if using real candles, do not leave the tree unattended.

Call for more information: Vermont Evergreens (802) 626-1000 or (802) 535-5069